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The use of haydite concrete blocks

The use of haydite concrete blocks

In the world the use of haydite concrete blocks is kept at 40% of the total volume of construction that demonstrates its effectiveness - savings on the clutch, reducing the time of the construction, reducing the weight of the construction, reduced heating costs, environmental friendliness, etc.

Why do customers choose haydite-concrete?

  • The variety of shapes and textures creates a fertile ground for the imagination of architects.
  • End-to-end cavities of the blocks can increase the carrying capacity of the walls due to hidden frames.
  • Wide range of shapes and sizes makes the material compatible with many materials, structures and products.
  • The process of laying is much easier and faster than brick.

The scope of haydite concrete blocks

  • Houses
  • Garages
  • Cottages
  • Bathhouses
  • Industrial facilities
  • Insulation of residential facilities

Extensive use of haydite concrete blocks for building houses and filling the frame structures of monolithic construction made this material popular in the vastness of Russia. Inside the houses of similar design it is not only keep warm, but also insulate the room from the haunting sounds of the street and neighbors.

Its use is possible in high-rise construction, but it is important to carefully calculate the structural strength to avoid unpleasant surprises. The suitability of haydite-concrete to the climatic conditions of Russia allows to produce additional insulation of walls.

Industrial construction also uses blocks of haydite-concrete. Its light weight and economical quality (1 unit = 7 bricks) has long been a favorite of developers from all corners of Russia, reducing the cost of construction costs by 40%. The material shows excellent quality water resistance, frost resistance and resistance to chemicals.

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