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The use of haydite

The use of haydite

Let's talk about the sphere of haydite using in more detail. What  this material is used for?

  • Thermal and sound insulation of floors, ceilings.
  • Insulation of roofs.
  • Insulation of foundations.
  • Insulation of the soil.
  • Creation of drainage in the construction of roads in areas of saturated soil.
  • Creating an ideal microclimate for the roots of trees and plants.
  • Greening of rooftops, decoration flower beds.
  • Production of light concrete blocks of haydite-concrete.

You can buy haydite or gravel for many other purposes. This material is referred to the universal materials due to its unique structure: it can easily cope with any tasks associated with the isolation and establishment of an optimal microclimate.

The use of haydite in fractions

Haydite in fractions



Mainly used in the production of small blocks, concrete aggregate and as a sound and thermal insulation filling (floors, blocks, panels). The haydite of  fraction 0-5 is also used in the production of bituminous concrete.  Besides, granite rubble of a given faction is used in many countries as anti-icing agent to reduce the factor of sliding during the ice. Also it is widely used in landscaping as an element of decor.


Used in the manufacture of concrete structures as a filler in the composition of fine-grained and heavy concrete mixtures. The haydite of  fraction 5-10 mm is related to be a construction material, also used as a decorative material for finishing.


The most commonly used fraction of clay construction is used in the production of wall panels, pavers blocks, for concreting as a thermal insulation and sound insulation material for fillings of the floor slabs, the top technical and basement floors, in floor  manufacturing, as well as in agriculture as an artificial soil. From the haydite of  fractions 10-20 mm is made the filling of congresses and temporary roads. With its help weak soils are strengthened, for example, making the filling of the trenches, when you lay a network engineering or butt the bottom of the pits.

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