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Haydite (Keramzit)

Haydite (Keramzit)

Haydite  is a lightweight, porous material produced in the form of gravel. It is obtained by firing a low-melting clay. The firing is performed at a temperature of 1200°C, allowing the structure of firing clay becomes porous. The cellular structure of the material determined the diversity of its application - haydite  is used as in the construction of houses as in planting crops. Specialists of Ltd. “Aleksinskij keramzitovyj zavod” offer you to purchase expanded-clay blocks and haydite gravel (keramzit) of high quality at affordable prices! Our consultants are always glad to assist you in the selection of goods!

An active use of  haydite in construction is easy to explain, so that  this material combines many unique properties, is quite economical. The main properties of clay are water - and frost-resistance. In addition, haydite is an excellent insulating material and homosalate. The material does not decompose and does not rot, does not attract insects and rodents.

Alexin haydite  factory offers the delivery across Moscow and the Central Federal district:

  • haydite gravel (rounded grain size 5-40 mm), which is the most popular on the market and is used in cases where the mixing of concrete is not necessary, for example, as thermal insulation covering of the floor;
  • haydite gravel (grain of more angular shape and size of 5-40 mm), which is used for the manufacturing of lightweight concrete;

haydite sand (particles size up to 5 mm), which is a waste product of haydite or created by crushing and grinding larger fractions; in conjunction with the gravel it is used for insulation of interior walls and floor, and also used for the manufacture of lightweight concrete.

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Prices are inclusive of VAT. Excluding delivery cost.

Delivery is performed by trucking from 20m3. The cost of the delivery of haydite is calculated separately.

Packing is made in “big bags”. The price is negotiated separately.

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