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Company history

Ltd. “Aleksinskij keramzitovyj zavod” is situated in Aleksin Tula region which is in the northern part of  the Central Russian Upland on the left bank of the river Oka that is 59 km northwest of Tula and 69 km to the east of Kaluga and 150 km to the south of Moscow.

The history of the company starts since its commissioning on the 30th of December 1985. Traditional reprocessing units of native production were provided in the production line. Two kilns had produced 100000 m3  of haydite for year. Since the beginning of its building the factory for the production of  haydite in Aleksin the factory had the reputation of a reliable provider of  high quality haydite in a great number of regions.

Nowadays the factory specializes in technical re-equipment of production. A large set of measures for  improving the reliability of the equipment, decreasing of power consumption and increasing output and quality was made, e.g. job vacancies were retooled; office premises and warehouses were repaired; tractor and motor vehicles were bought and the factory territory was arranged well.

Aleksin haydite factory is a responsible and conscientious partner for the supply of haydite gravel both for the most of construction companies and contractors and manufactures that make products on the basis of haydite. We offer  the sale of  haydite and haydite blocks from the manufacturer at low prices with possible delivery to the customer. We are trusted by many large companies, enterprises of medium and small businesses and  individual customers who have been our constant customers for a long time.

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