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About the company

Dear friends and colleagues!

We congratulate you in our website and bring to your attention brief information about our factory and the production we produce.

Aleksin haydite factory operates on the market of producing construction materials more than 25 years and it is the only manufacturer of qualitative haydite in Tula region. “Aleksinskij keramzitovyj zavod” is the team of professionals in haydite producing area!

Ltd. “Aleksinskij keramzitovyj zavod” offers you to buy haydite of excellent quality by the generator. Our company proffers you profitable requisitions for the cooperation and also personal approach!

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 Our advantages

Haydite producing company is situated in Tula region and our factory is the only manufacturer of the material in the region. That’s why you will have a great number of opportunities.

  • Profitable prices. Haydite selling in our company is produces directly without mediators’ intention. You get a qualitative stuff delivered directly from the manufacturer. The absence of mediators ensures profitable price of the haydite  so that you save your money without losing the quality of the haydite! Moreover, you do not pay for the time of discharging goods that also helps you to save money.
  • High quality. High qualitative raw material, modern production  techniques and the work of the professionals are used for making haydite. The result is qualitative haydite that is suitable for different kinds of operations.
  • Reliability. Our company is one of the market leaders in Moscow, Kaluga, Ryazan, Tula, Lipetsk and other regions. Both dozens of large and small companies and individuals are our clients. We offer you small prices and strictly follow all contact clauses that is the  guarantee of our clients’ peace of mind!

Argillaceous rocks that refers to sedimentary rocks are the raw material for producing haydite. Availability of one or the other hay raw material for the production is prescribed by special examination of its features. The major requirement imposed to raw material is swelling during firing.

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Address: 301362 Tul'skaja obl. g.Aleksin, ul. Naberezhnaja, d.40a
Phones: +7 (920) 7-555-555, +7 (48753) 4-01-53
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