• The proximity to the main building complex CAD objects
  • Alexinsky concrete block has universal qualities that allow its use in all areas of construction.
  • Skilled artisans.
  • Technological support customers.

Company history

Ltd. "Aleksinskij keramzitovyj zavod" is in Alexin Tula region, located in the northern part of the Central Russian Upland, on the left bank of the Oka, 59 km north-west of Tula, 69 km east of Kaluga, 150 km south of Moscow.

Company history begins with the December 30, 1985. In the production line have been provided for the domestic production of traditional processing units. Is currently being re-production, took a number of measures to improve equipment reliability, reduce energy intensity, increased productivity and quality.

Alexinsky plant for the production of expanded clay is responsible and trustworthy partner for the supply of expanded clay gravel for many construction companies and manufacturers' products on the basis of expanded clay. We offer the sale of expanded clay and keramzitobennyh blocks from the manufacturer at low prices with delivery to the customer as possible.

Address: 301362 Tul'skaja obl. g.Aleksin, ul. Naberezhnaja, d.40a
Phones: +7 (920) 7-555-555, +7 (48753) 4-01-53
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